For Eczema:

"My Miracle: I am so blessed that I went to see Dr. Duong in January this year. Even though I have a pretty holistic and organic lifestyle, I had been suffering with a severe eczema outbreak since last June that I had been unable to conquer. With the help of Dr. Duong, I was able to completely clear up the horrific outbreaks on my hands and legs in a very short period of time. My sleep and mood have improved also. If you follow her regime exactly, you may see wonderful results. Thank you Dr. Duong." Margo Frohlich, Connecticut
"When we contacted Dr. Amy, our daughter’s eczema was out of control and it seemed like there was nothing we could do to help her. Thankfully, after just a few skype sessions with Dr. Amy, and the thoughtful and knowledgeable suggestions that she made, our daughter began to make tremendous progress. Her skin has cleared up and she has been sleeping better as well!  We credit Dr. Amy with not only helping her skin, but healing her underlying issues and using a refreshing holistic approach. We had been to so many doctors who repeatedly gave us the same treatments that were not only ineffective, but potentially harmful to our daughter.  Dr. Amy used her extensive knowledge and experience (and navigated around our daughter’s extensive list of allergies) to find a treatment that worked specifically for her. The fact that she was able to help so much without ever meeting us, or our daughter face to face is a testament to her knowledge and expertise. Dr. Amy also showed us compassion and care, and any parent who has had a child with eczema knows how important this is. She understood that what we were going through was difficult, and truly wanted to help. We both hope that other parents of children suffering from eczema or other skin/immune system issues, as well as individuals who are suffering themselves, won't hesitate to seek Dr. Amy out, since her knowledge is vast and her expertise has truly been invaluable. We wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Amy and wish we had found her sooner! It was the most important and best decision we have made so far to help our daughter." Frank and Rebecca Percacciante - Whitesboro, New York
Before coming to Dr. Duong, I had been to countless doctor’s, tried various creams and remedies, and discovered new problems without any cure. Nothing was working and I felt I was always going to have these dilemmas. After explaining my entire medical history, she immediately made sense of everything and connected to the dots to all these seemingly separate issues. After just one month of following her recommendations, my life and body  have completed turned around and I feel like the person I did a couple years ago. My skin is clear, my body functions properly, and I feel great. Thank you Dr. Duong! (AS, Connecticut)
"Dr. Duong has insight and empathy with respect to my decades-long battle with eczema.  I’d healed a lot on my own since quitting topical steroids in 2013 but was still struggling with a few persistent rashes.  Dr. Duong prescribed supplements my regular ND hadn’t considered.  I was overjoyed to finally get relief from the itching and irritation so my skin could heal the rest of the way.  We are on the same page regarding anti-inflammatory foods in order to repair from the inside out, and I appreciate her support.  She just gets it in a way that other doctors don’t!" (KL, Connecticut)
"I just really want to thank you for your help all the tips and information you’ve given us has helped us to pinpoint some of AS's major triggers to hopefully help her lead a more comfortable childhood with less doctors appointments ext.  I hope this is not the end of our contact with you as I m sure you can continue to help her through her growing with [eczema]."   (KS, Canana)

"Happy to report we're all doing great! With a tremendous amount of healing. The most we've seen to date.  My hands seem to be in a last stage of healing - an end is in sight. The deep cracks in my feet are almost gone. I will have to take pictures to share at some point. But we're feeling great. I've never not had eczema on both my hands to I'm so excited. Did have a year or two where it was completely healing on one hand - that was a long time ago. But never have both hands been all healed... Yay!" (JY, Canana)
"I discovered Amy's web site after developing an awful facial skin rash as a reaction to some prescribed medication.  I was not interested in using anything that would exacerbate the condition.  She recommended an inside-out method of addressing my problem which included calming Chinese herbs, probiotics, liver support, a modified cleansing diet, a topical aloe balm, and acupuncture.  I am very happy to say that my skin looks better than ever.  Amy is a wonderful, caring doctor whose positivity radiates, immediately putting a patient at ease." (MS, New Haven)


For Psoriasis:

"Dr. Amy Duong has changed my life! I had psoriasis that no other doctor could cure. I have seen several other dermatologists and all of them left me helpless. I was told that it would never go away. So I decided to go the naturopathic route. I am so happy I met Dr. Duong. She genuinely cares about her clients. She took the time to listen and got to the bottom of the problem. Through diet and her guidance, I am happy to say that my psoriasis is gone! I feel the best I've felt in a long time! Thank you so much Dr. Duong!!" - TH Connecticut
"I wish I'd tried this sooner!  I suffer from Fibromyalgia that has widespread pain over my body prior to this & now I only have 1 point of pain, which is much less than it used to be.  I am relatively pain free in only 2 months!!!  In the process of working on the fibro, she's also worked on my psoriasis.  My psoriasis is much improved!  I strongly recommend this.  She takes the time to listen & connect with her patients."  -CS Connecticut


For Acne:

"Going to Dr. Duong was the best thing I ever did. I have struggled with my bad skin for years and Dr. Duong has gotten it under control in just a couple months. Not only has my skin gotten so clear that people I know go out of their way to tell me how much better it looks, but I also feel better over all. Dr. Duong has sat down and helped me understand what is really happening in my body and she made me feel very comfortable and confident with the changes I had to make to get better." - KD Connecticut